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January 5, 2016

Happy 2016 everyone! Well, I've spent all sorts of time reading, studying, and obsessing over blogs but I'm never going to get my first post done if I never start. So here goes nothing don't judge- someday I'll come back and edit over all of this!

This time of year I really like to take a minute and catch my breath. I bust my butt working extra time before the holidays as a hairstylist trying to get everyone in to look their best, trying to catch some of the festivities going on around Denver, and of course enjoying time with family and friends that come to visit. December 26th I’m exhilarated and yet exhausted all at once! I have to get back into routine ASAP before I lose my mind and the little bit or “normalcy” that I can usually maintain. Kids are back to school now, my husband and I are back to our ordinary work schedules and Christmas chaos is somewhat back in it’s bins and shoved in the basement (We’ll get back to that later).

So, lets start off by talking about ways to get organi...

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