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February 10, 2016



noun, plural Fahrenranches -

       1.  No such word, No other place like it! Our crazy home & life & family


Not so much a "ranch" per say, more like a family from the city that moved to an acreage and has to drive 20 minutes to the nearest Target.  We do not farm our land, we have no animals to milk or butcher - we have a few chickens, but the closest thing we have to livestock is a herd of cats. Which, is a whole new experience because we're not really even cat people.  But, I'm more of a cat person than a mouse person so we have 4 mice-catching kitties & we love them all.  




When we committed to buying land my main concern was how far away from everything we were going to be.  I tested the drive to my favorite places (Target, Hobby Lobby, TJ Maxx) and felt that I could live with the distance and now that we're out here, I can.  It's really not that bad. What I didn't think about when I committed to life in the country was the gobs and gobs of field mice that roam and burrow the grassy plains that we're surrounded by.  I'm being a little dramatic...We have only had a couple incidences where I ran around looking crazy, wetting my pants, & cursing at the top of lungs, but now that we have our farm cats - I think we're good to go!  


Anyways, I love living in the country.  The sunrises and sunsets are so saturated with pinks & reds & purples and the stars are so vibrant they light up the night sky.  We're not that far from the city but out here on the "FahrenRanch" the hustle and bustle of it all seems miles away. Until, it's any night of the week and we're running around for basketball, soccer, or another school activity, but that's just life!  


I feel like in the short 5 months that we've been in our house, I've learned to kind of "let it go". Notice I said kind of - I'm still a little neurotic about the house being cleaned, wanting everything in it's place, and fingerprints on the walls.  But, I've gotten a lot better.  It could be because I'm still a little exhausted from building the house, but I would like to think "country-life" is kicking in. I have let go of the fact that I will never have a clean Mud Room-it's always a disaster. Well, except for that 5 minutes before company arrives and I shove everything in a nearby closet. I have also let go of the fact that there will not be a day that goes by that I'm not doing laundry. Specifically, someones coat or snow pants because they chose to wear them while blazing through snow and mud patches on their four wheelers.  Really, I'm o.k. with it (most of the time). Because, I wouldn't trade it for anything (well, maybe a beach house on a deserted island, but we're a long way from any beach).




At the end of the day as I crawl into bed with my curtains wide open so I can gaze at the stars, I am quickly reminded how blessed we are to live out here where I don't have to worry about making awkward eye-contact with a neighbor while streaking through the Kitchen, or my husband using his power tools too late at night, or my kids screaming while playing Ghosts in the Graveyard after dark. It's these little things that make going an extra mile or 15 to Target all worth it.


Until next time,



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