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January 5, 2016

Happy 2016 everyone! Well, I've spent all sorts of time reading, studying, and obsessing over blogs but I'm never going to get my first post done if I never start. So here goes nothing don't judge- someday I'll come back and edit over all of this!


This time of year I really like to take a minute and catch my breath. I bust my butt working extra time before the holidays as a hairstylist trying to get everyone in to look their best, trying to catch some of the festivities going on around Denver, and of course enjoying time with family and friends that come to visit. December 26th I’m exhilarated and yet exhausted all at once! I have to get back into routine ASAP before I lose my mind and the little bit or “normalcy” that I can usually maintain. Kids are back to school now, my husband and I are back to our ordinary work schedules and Christmas chaos is somewhat back in it’s bins and shoved in the basement (We’ll get back to that later).



So, lets start off by talking about ways to get organized. I like to put all of my holiday specific decor into big Rubbermaid bins from Home Depot and then labeling them and stacking them in groups. My year round accessories and decorations, wreaths, candles, etc. that I scatter throughout the house and on vignettes, I put on open shelves so that I can change them out more frequently and have visual inventory before repurchasing for the second/third time. I like to have a collection of vintage books to stack in different colors for the mantels and for creating heights and layers. I now have wide selection of frames for adding a new picture, free printable, or sign to liven-up an empty wall or gallery. Of course, I LOVE my chalkboard signs but don’t like to be too redundant with any one item. I’m still working on building this collection as it takes time to find the unique special pieces worth bringing home! Having it all in one area and relatively organized helps me to have a good visual and be more creative and spontaneous with how I style things.


Once I have every little piece of tinsel put away and each pine needle vacuumed-up, it’s time to warm this place up with a fresh new start! I like to change-up rugs, re-arrange furniture and get out (or make) some new brighter covers for my throw pillows.


I like to keep it simple and clutter-free for a while. A couple main focal points, actually my only in this temporary rental house, is my entry area and my dining room. Above my antique Drexel buffet in my dining room, I put my favorite chalkboard, an old vanity mirror I salvaged. I replaced one side mirror and painted the center with chalkboard paint. The other, a cool rustic chalkboard from good ol’ Hobby Lobby I keep in the entryway above our bench in the make-shift mudroom. I recently started the tradition of letting my five year old do the more rustic chalkboard that greets you at the front door. She is super crafty and is trying to earn her Salvage Sisters degree. I also like to change-out wreaths, bring out some boxwood and/or add some fresh cuts to the kitchen table to warm up the space in these cold winter months! 



That’s how I like to start the New Year, clean, fresh and simple! Bring new life to your throw pillows with more vibrant covers, write some inspiring messages on your chalkboards, add some greenery in hopes of Spring soon returning.


Enjoy the calmness and keep your mind and spirit revitalized for the New Year!





Source List:

Leather Sofas: West Elm, Hamilton


Boxwood Bundle: Target


Buffalo Plaid Pillows: made by Muaw, fabric Ikea


Bull Pillow: Society6, not exactly the same, but similar. Also a good resource for anything pitbull, bull dogs, Chicago Bulls, and Bullsh*t pillows


Gold Polka Dot Candle: Gift from a lovely client, Anthropologie



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