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Photo Gallery Wall

November 4, 2016

I scanned Pinterest forever looking at ideas for my photo gallery that I was planning for my stair wall. I pinned and pinned and pinned and finally one day came up with the brilliant neurotic idea to have my kids cut out a pattern for each of the frames going on the wall. After they cut out all 57 (or so) of them, and I measured up the wall and marked my spots every 2’-0” I was ready to begin. Or was I?


Another couple of days went by and every time I walked up and down the stairs I was reminded of the challenge of creating the most perfect photo gallery ever! I slowly began to compile the tools that I needed until one evening I ran out of excuses and it was time to hammer in that first nail. The nail that would start it all, the center mark, the foundation, the big bullseye…I picked up my hammer, grabbed the nail and did it! Of course, I didn’t hit a stud (on the first one or any of them for that matter), but I didn’t care. I just kept going - without my patterns or a template! What was I thinking??? I just threw all of my research hours and pattern making pain out the window.  Oh well, it was working and I didn't care anymore. 


I know this may come as a shocker, but I'm an organizer - I like things to be neat, have clean lines, a so-called sense of reasoning behind my decisions.  This explains why all of my frames are the same kind.  I bought them from Ikea.  They have a nice deep frame, clean lines, white mat, and inexpensive. I do like to change things up a bit in terms of the pictures and I like to think there is no rhyme or reason to the ones I have chosen.  I have artwork that I have purchased, like this one of a boxer that looks identical to our boxer that passed away one day after I found this.  It's a constant reminder of good ol' Johnny. I love to display the kids artwork from school and all of the memories from years past.  



Now I know that I said I was trying to create the "perfect gallery wall" and while I think it's pretty darn good, it's not perfect.  There were a couple of few times that I had to bump the nail up or down so the frame would align with the one beside it, but there's no harm in that, right?  If your picture isn't centered how you like it, don't worry - just add another nail a few inches from the first one and now you have an extra sturdy hold for that frame.  Oh, and I honestly do not think I hit a stud with a single picture.  Don't ask me how that happened - it's a two story stair wall, there's a ton of studs in it.  I saw them during construction!  It's not like anyone is going to be doing pull-ups from your pictures so they only need to carry their own weight.



Anyways, I guess the point I'm trying to make is that it doesn't have to be perfect, things don't have to align (unless you're like me - just give that nail a bump), grab a hammer, a BOX of nails, and all of your most prized framed memories & pieces of art & have fun with it. 


And remember, if you don't like where that nail is, cover it with a frame - shhh...if your handyman/person is like mine, they do not like patching drywall.  It will be our little secret.    


Until next time,



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