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DIY Not So Cheesy Valentine Top

February 1, 2017

Valentines Day has never been a huge event with my husband and I. Blame it on schedules or just not wanting to give into societies' escalated prices and pressure to deal with below par service and a $10 a la carte potato. Now, don't get me wrong, we will go out on a date night sometime around there when my hubby's firefighter schedule permits. I'm sure we will exchange a card and a little something chocolate or made from the heart!


Then, there's the kids... when my older daughter was in preschool I was super ambitious and got the crazy idea to do the Minion Twinkie Valentines, ADORABLE, but I didn't know what I was getting myself into.


 (Thank-you for the free printable)


My amazing sister did half the work for me by printing the cards and sadly, I was still up till midnight on the 13th trying finish them.  All I had to do was cut a few slits and shove the twinkie in... FOR FORTY KIDS.   Needless to say, the next year the class got mini Valentine Skittles bags. This year I'm looking for easy DIY Valentines on Pinterest and thanking mom's around the world for their fantastic ideas.


Getting more into the spirit, I decided to make a cute but not too cheesy Valentine shirt.  I was inspired by a sweatshirt my friend wore last year with a red and white striped heart patch on the front and on the elbows. She purchased it from a boutique and though it was a adorable, I don't really wear many hearts or fu-fu things, so unless it was from the boutique A La Target, in the dollar bin, I'm not bringing it home. I had no choice but to get crafty and do it myself! I decided to update the look by using a large red and black buffalo plaid flannel for the patches. This shirt has been in my closet for a year and every time I pull it out and put it on I'm reminded how short, boxy, and unflattering it is (I couldn't bring myself to even show you). It will be perfect for recycling into something new! I'm going to sew the patches onto a lightweight "sweatshirt" that I got a couple years ago from Target.


First, I made a large and small heart pattern out of thick butcher block paper. I then traced that heart onto iron-on backing. Using this will help put the patch into place so it will be easier to sew on.


Make sure to follow the iron-on backing directions as to which setting to use on your iron.  Next, iron on the backing, paper side up, to the inside (or backside) of your patch fabric.



Now, cut out the patch from the plaid fabric around the iron-on backing leaving a little bit of space around the heart to fringe (fingers crossed). Take off the paper, flip the heart over so the iron- on material is touching the sweatshirt and put the hearts in place and iron on.


 Next, sew all the patches into place. I thought I would hand sew the elbow patches, but nah, I figured-out a way to maneuver them into the machine (don't tell mom). Again I left about a 1/4" around the edge of the heart so that I could fringe it.




And there you have it! An inexpensive festive little Valentine shirt. 


I thought this turned-out really cute. Slap on some red lipstick, skinny jeans and some booties and you're ready to go! Have a delightful Valentines Day!


Making crappy to happy,




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