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The Sweetest Valentine

February 14, 2017

When I first met Stacy it was around Christmas 1980. The memory is slightly fuzzy, she was this beautiful ambitious blonde with bangs to the back of her head and big (I mean HUGE green eyes, it's hereditary) she scooped me up in her arms and showed me the world. I'm sure our mom freaked out when she popped into the bathroom arms snuggly around her newborn baby. Just a couple months later, Valentine's Day, she would turn two. I was her baby, from there on that goldilocks would tell me everything, boss me, be my "teacher", hold my hand and show me the way.


We were sharing a room and we had many loooong bedtimes where I would just lay chatting away and Stacy would finally say let's play a game... The silent game. Whoever talks first has to make the bed tomorrow. I didn't really have a choice to play or not. I would then crack my toes or shimmy on over and plant my butt on her until she would finally yell at me and ultimately lose the game. She would get pay back while practicing

penmanship and writing MY name where it didn't belong i.e. the ironing board. She was strong and stern but was always so loving.



Years passed and she would grow, her heart as good as gold, she was confident and driven. Not necessarily daring, but just a good girl. She would cry when her Ogilve perm would wash out of her stick straight hair and I would cry with her since I looked like a poodle FOR MONTHS. She was always so fun and her laugh contagious. She would light up a room. She would play with me for hours, pretending to be my mom, and my teacher, and telling me what to do. One day, we had a picnic and she at first was hesitant (as she often was skeptic of my crazy ideas) to swap a bite of our Hostess treats. She had the most delicious still semi-frozen Suzy Q that I couldn't wait to wrap my mouth around and leave my tooth in... I ran inside so excited I had lost my tooth and she was on my heels yelling "mom I ate her tooth". I still wonder who the tooth fairy visited? Hmm



A few years later we were entered into our "awkward stage" in life and Stacy and her good friend Stacey, both got a slick new do. I would say they were going for Demi Moore in Ghost but I'm not sure that was the look they had achieved. While at Skateland the DJ continued to announce "This is an all girls skate" while we looked around dumbfounded- why do they keep saying that? After a couple attempts they finally skated over to the tweener Stacys' couple skating and asked them to exit the rink. Now, I'm sure this was a moment of shear panic and embarrassment as they shuffled off the skate floor, but she still held her head high and remained confident in life. Since then she has made much wiser hair choices.

As teens we often were running in separate directions. We would share each others clothes (much to her dismay) or should I say I would borrow something and politely stick it back in her closet before she would return home. Occasionally they would not be in perfect condition, geez settle down- we can't all be perfect. Stacy was a star basketball player and a class favorite. People have always admired her and her even-keeled, reliable, responsible personality. She was always there for me when I went through a break-up or got busted driving a car under age. She would try to guide me but mostly just let me lean my head on her shoulder. (Must have been hormones- don't read this to my children) She's just one of the most amazing people I have ever met.


Skip ahead a little, Stacy then met Andy and eventually married him at the sweet age of 21. I had moved to Colorado and since then we have only been hundreds and thousands of miles apart in distance but closer than ever in our hearts. When I got married (love you pookie), Stacy my matron of honor, gave an amazing speech and slideshow of every ugly picture in my LIFE. She again stood by my side and shared that special day, celebrating and being supportive... We were playing a little game and her front tooth was accidentally busted in half. She freaked out for a minute, I comforted her telling her it wasn't that bad just a little chip (while I held back the urge to pee my dress). We took a shot and she acted like it never happened. Until awhile later when she assisted me and my big dress to the bathroom and saw the damage. I couldn't believe she hadn't even stopped to look. She still just continued to celebrate and to be the Stacy we all know and love, but with a slight whistle


As I think about her today on her birthday, I think where would I be without her? Still a hot disheveled disorganized mess, surpised and confused by six year molars, and unable to laugh so hard I pee my pants (on more than one holiday occasion)- I think so. The truth is your sister is your one true best friend for life. She has always been there for me and really for anyone that knows her or that needs someone. She still to this day can light up a room with her beautiful smile and get everyone laughing with her funny stories and witty sense of humor. She always knows what to say and how to say it or to say nothing at all sometimes. She's the most driven and responsible woman and everyone that knows her is infected with her beautiful being. I can't wait to be closer someday and stare into her HUGE green eyes and possibly annoy the crap out of her daily. She really is the sweetest Valentine God could have given this world. When I count my blessings I count her twice.


I love you dear sister and I hope your birthday is as amazing as you are.


Your Sister,



PS Sorry your cards late.


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